After just 7 days, you decide on your NEW YOU! No more wondering or guessing how the version of you looks like that has everything you want!

A transformative experience to
become the YOU that is already living your dream life

7 Day journey

New You

Do you feel stuck in your current life and ask yourself how you can finally change this ONE thing? Learn how change actually works: From the inside out!

Discover the purpose of your life in just one week. How amazing is the year going to be if you can live it from your purpose? Find out and join.

Have you ever asked yourself: Who am I? This question is the first sign of awakening to a new life. In 7 days, you create an answer to this impactful question.

what you get from this journey 

7 Lessons + 1 meditation

What your getting out of this journey:

Over the 7 days together, you have access to a training video each day helping you to understand how to create the New You, select your purpose for your life and how to change into the version of you that you so desire.

Step by step will you receive clarity on why you might have tried to change before and it just didn't work. You discover hidden blocks for you to remove immediately and how changing your life actually works.

If you are wondering who you want to be to finally achieve your dream or make that BIG change, then come and join this New You 7-Day Journey.

If you ever ask yourself who you are or what your purpose is, then you don't want to miss this training to get your questions answered. If you know exactly what you want but have not yet achieved it, then join us and understand exactly what you need to do differently.

This is what our time together will look like:

🔎 Bite-size lessons each day for 7 days
🔎 Powerful journaling questions to apply teachings to your life
🔎 A life-changing meditation to bring the New You alive

the only thing you want is to feel free, joyful and at peace in your life. You had enough of the everyday grind and stress that is your life.

you tried to change many times before but it didn't work. You feel stuck and just don't know what else you can try. You'd wish somebody just tell you step by step what to do.

you have this inner knowing that you want to be someone else. That there is more to life than you can see right now. But you just don't know where to go from here.

you have no clue who you truly are & what your purpose is. So how about finding out once and for all?

This Journey is meant for you, if ...

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and this is me ... Linda Lange

I am an Energy Expert and Host of the Raise Your Energy Podcast. I am a certified Coach and obsessed with ENERGY: our energy levels, how to have more energy available and remove energy blockages.

I help brave and driven humans to learn how to change based on neuroscience, behavioural sciences and universal laws. My vision is to help everyone who struggles with burnout or high stress levels to experience how awesome their life can be.

I experienced burnout myself a few years ago and not just recovered but changed into a version of myself that will never burnout ever again. Now I want to spread the word how everyone can change.

Since doing the work each day, I have made quantum leaps of growth. The synchronicities and serendipities happening in my life are pure magic for me. And they can be for you, too!