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I am an Energy Expert and Host of the Raise Your Energy Podcast. I am a certified Coach and obsessed with ENERGY: our energy levels, how to have more energy available and remove energy blockages.

I help brave and driven humans to learn how to change based on neuroscience, behavioural sciences and universal laws. My vision is to help everyone who struggles with burnout or high stress levels to experience how awesome their life can be.

I experienced burnout myself a few years ago and not just recovered but changed into a version of myself that will never burnout ever again. Now I want to spread the word how everyone can do it.

Since doing the work mysself each day, I have made quantum leaps of growth. The synchronicities and serendipities happening in my life are pure magic for me. And they can be for you, too!


Albert Einstein

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

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Across your lifetime, how much time and money have you invested in methods, books and courses designed to help you change, improve and become a better version of yourself? But most of these did not bring you the results you wanted, whether for you personally, for your team, or our business.

And why is that? The main reason lies in a misunderstanding of achieving real sustainable change.

Change in people, teams and companies not only needs the will and readiness for transformation. It also requires that you know exactly how change works. Your willingness to change grows in proportion to your knowledge and understanding. 

If you understand what real change is and what makes it possible, you are able to implement it successfully. And your brain plays a specific role in this process. This process can be learned and is therefore a controllable one that you can apply to any situation once learned. The crucial part is the knowledge of how your brain works and your ability to self-regulate your emotions and nervous system.

In the ENERGY ACADEMY, you will learn the methods for your successful change. You learn that the key to success lies in controlling your attention, your thoughts, actions and feelings into effective self-regulation.

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Raise Your Energy Podcast

Do you feel like you tried it all to get out the hamster wheel of stress? And nothing worked?
You always end up exactly where you were before.
Do you beat yourself up because you cannot fix this feeling inside of you?

Join this FREE 1 hour workshop to find out how to overcome burnout and change into a version of yourself that will never burnout again.

Overcome burnout from the inside out!

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The ENERGY ACADEMY is a program based on neuroscience, behavioural sciences, universal laws, meditation and further self-healing tools.

Designed for brave humans that are seeking personal change and transformation. 

Learn how to change the right things to feel more joy and energy again!


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